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The world of springs by Montan Ocel: wire diameters 0.2- 4.6 mm (DIN EN 10270-1, 10270-2, 10270-3), our springs are used in the following industries: automotive, aerospace, white goods, hand tools, automation, electrotechnics, electronics, medical devices, etc.

Our production is running of CNC spring machines by HTC (machinery pool for the production of springs in Montan Ocel), we are using a tempering furnace, a semi-automatic grinder, and other technologies for the final completion of the springs.


Quality, measuring and testing of the springs:

All our springs are continuously tested by a camera system to ensure 100% checking of lengths and diameters of the springs, we also measure the pushing force, use a 2D profile projector, and have a tear off device for testing the material. Accurate measurement with the KEYENCE IM 7010/7500 optical measuring system.


The assortment of springs:


pruzina_tazna TENSION SPRING
pruzina_zkrutna TORSION SPRING
pruzina_tvarova WIRE PARTS



Premises and warehouse:


  • MONTAN OCEL, spol. s r.o..
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  • 155 00 Praha - Stodůlky
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